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    Main Benefits of Ionized Water

    Maintaining an acid-alkaline balance is essential for feeling good and being energetic. One way to fight the excess free radicals and acidification of the body is to use ionized alkaline water. The inclusion of alkalized water in your diet is an excellent choice, as it tackles the task with great efficiency.


    Ionized alkaline water is a natural antioxidant, as are vitamins C and E. Antioxidants are both produced in the body and obtained from the environment and save from many diseases by reducing the damaging effects on the body of acidic free radicals are formed during the metabolic process.


    Almost the entire inner human body environment (blood, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.) is alkaline, so alkaline water suits it well. Alkaline water is also needed for the body's constant acidification processes, as a sufficient amount of alkali is required to neutralize the body's acidifying factors.


    The lattice of ionized alkaline water consists of 5-6 molecules (less than ordinary water), so it penetrates the tissues easier than regular drinking water. It removes toxins accumulated in the body, saturates the cells with water, and provides the cells with nutrients and oxygen easier.


    Microorganisms can not live and multiply in an acidic environment, so it is advisable to use ionized acidic water externally for disinfection. Unlike chemical disinfectants, it is entirely natural and thus does not cause allergies or irritate the skin.

    Ionized Alkaline Water

    Ionized alkaline water has a high pH (more than 7) and a negative ORP value (0… + 1100 mV). This value shows that the substance is an antioxidant and is able to fight free radicals.

    Ionized Acidic Water

    Ionized acidic water has a low pH (less than 7) and a positive ORP value (0… + 1100 mV). This shows the lack of electrons, so acidic water takes the missing electrons from microbes, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens and thus destroys them.

    Silvered Water

    Silvered water is water having an antibacterial effect. It kills not only bacteria but also fungi and viruses.

    High alkalinity (pH >9.5)

    Cooking, tea, coffee, fruit cocktails

    Before and after consuming alcohol

    Rinsing your mouth when brushing your teeth

    Removing grease from surfaces and grease stains from textiles

    Alkaline (pH 7.5-9.5)

    Daily consumption (gradually increasing the pH after starting)


    Hair, and hair loss prevention

    Removing pesticide residue from fruit and vegetables (15 min. soak)

    Washing raw meat and fish (15 min. soak)

    Watering house plants and stimulating flowering

    Prolonging the life of cut flowers

    Neutral (pH 7)

    Regular tap water

    Low acidity (pH 4.5-6.5)


    High acidity (pH <4.5)

    Disinfecting fruit and vegetables

    Prolonging the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables

    Sterilising dishes, jars and other types of containers

    Disinfecting interior spaces and surfaces

    Removing unpleasant foot odours (socks and footwear can be disinfected additionally)

    Treating cracked heel skin, removing dead skin from the soles and toes

    Terminating aphids and other small pests

    Cleaning sensitive body parts and infected skin, preventing skin infections

    Preventing colds and sore throats (rinsing)

    Mouth rinsing for the purpose of disinfection, treating bleeding gums, tartar

    As a preventive measure for fungal infections

    As a preventive measure against rashes and acne

    As a preventive measure for bedsores

    Bleaching laundry

    Silvered Water

    Improving overall health, strengthening the immune system

    In the event of fever (without a more severe diagnosis)

    As a preventive measure against internal diseases

    As a preventive measure against gastritis

    As a preventive measure against children's diseases (must be used by rinsing)

    In the event of severe food poisoning

    Washing wounds that are having difficulty healing

    Rinsing throat, nose, mouth and ear canals

    Washes in the event of flu, viral infections or other types of epidemics

    Compresses for fungal diseases

    Cotton rolls for dental issues (gums, inner cheek lesions)

    Water Ioniser

    Smart, compact.
    Easy and convenient to use.
    Produces alkaline, acidic and silver water.
    Certified and patented. 24 months warranty.


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    Happy Customers

    Gintaras Nejus

    I started using the ioniser 10 years ago. Now the whole family can’t do without ionized and silvered water. We all felt a significant improvement in health. The digestive system is in order. We feel a very positive effect on the body.

    Vida Palioniene

    I bought the ioniser 5 years ago in the hope of reducing stomach acidity and heartburn. I have long forgotten what it is. I became more active, my spleen got better.

    Nijole Sungailiene

    I used an ioniser for four years and noticed a decrease in blood cholesterol. I am happy and recommended my acquaintances to get one.

    Algimantas Guoga

    Coincidentally, while waiting for my family doctor, I found a newspaper called Health and Water on the table. After reading reviews about alkaline and acidic water, I realized that the water ioniser would work for me as well, as I often suffer from heartburn. Buying it was the right choice.

    Vitalijus Svarcukas

    I am very happy as my intestinal problems (cramps) have been fixed. After drinking in the morning, you're less hungry. I also use acidic water for colds.

    Jolanta Wolff

    I started taking ionized water during fasting when I decided to give up chemotherapy and radiotherapy after oncology surgery. The ionized water was very easy to drink, and even the sweetened taste gave a pleasant feeling of freshness during fasting. I was surprised to feel a completely different taste of water.


    I have been interested in ionized water and its benefits for a couple of years. I participated in the lecture of Telesforas Laucevicius "Ionized water - life without diseases" in Palanga. This meeting finally convinced me that it was worth buying an ioniser and starting to use alkaline, acidic (dead), and silver water in my and my family’s life.

    Vida Sidaraviciene

    I have been using ionized water for two years. My heartburn was gone quickly after I started using alkaline water. I no longer need to take the medication I have been drinking for many years. I often had inflammation of the pharynx (pharyngitis). Rinsing the throat with fresh acidic water rarely and slightly causes a sore throat.

    Certified, Patented and Safe

    All devices manufactured by the company are patented and certified. Our products do not contain any harmful ingredients to the environment or human health. The devices are economical, environmentally friendly, and meet the electrical protection requirements.