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    Gastroenterologist Igoris Strupeikis

    Water ionizer / Gastroenterologist Igoris Strupeikis

    In these times of perpetual rush and stress, many people complain of various digestive disorders. One common problem is heartburn.

    People who drink ionised alkaline water on a regular basis are happy to have successfully got rid of heartburn, even though it had been plaguing them for years, and no longer need the stomach acidity-reducing drugs that had become a constant companion.

    The fact that ionised alkaline water helps to overcome heartburn and reflux is no surprise to Igor Strupeikis, a gastroenterologist from Šiauliai.

    According to a gastroenterologist with many years of experience, the positive effect of ionised water in normalising stomach acidity is clear.

    "Sceptics argue that alkaline water in the stomach is of no benefit because the stomach acids neutralise the alkali. However, the human body is a complex system with many processes going on at the same time," says Strupeikis.

    Scientists have long established that the stomach is an acidic environment, where food is digested and then passed into the duodenum. Normally, the 'gateway' between the stomach and the duodenum, the so-called sphincter, functions in such a way that digested food passes into the duodenum, while bile from the duodenum into the stomach does not. However, in the case of inflammation, the sphincter does not perform its function and the bile, a strong alkali, passes into the stomach. The stomach tries to isolate the bile by defending itself against the alkaline medium and brings up hydrochloric acid. When this enters the oesophagus, there is an unpleasant burning sensation and heartburn.


    Heartburn doesn't just cause unpleasant sensations. If the gastric epithelium is adapted to constant exposure to hydrochloric acid, it often enters the oesophagus and ulcerates the epithelium, causing long-lasting, non-healing ulcers, which can lead to the development of cancerous cells.

    According to Dr Strupeikis, ionised alkaline water in the stomach reduces acidity by increasing the pH of the stomach. When the stomach becomes less acidic, the body immediately reacts by producing more stomach acid, but the production of stomach acid results in the formation of sodium bicarbonate, a salt that alkalises the body. When it enters the bloodstream, it alkalinises the entire body. And that's very important - scientists see alkalinising the body as a great way to delay the ageing process. "Our diets are full of acidifying foods, from roast meat to a cup of coffee. These foods require less stomach acid to digest, so the mechanism of acid excretion becomes disrupted and 'stagnant'. Soon we feel the consequences - heartburn. Drinking ionised alkaline water regularly promotes a steady release of stomach acids, ensures the digestive system is working well and heartburn is no longer a problem," explains I. Strupeikis.