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    Water ionizer / Water Ionizer aQuator Mini Classic

    Water Ionizer aQuator Mini Classic


    Small water ioniser with simple operation.

    • No special skills are required to operate this device. With a touch of a few buttons, you will set the desired duration of the ionization time during which the water of the needed pH level will be produced.
    • It takes just 5 minutes to make ionized alkaline water suitable for drinking every day!
    • The overall capacity of the device is 1.5 liters, so it is perfect for one person or a couple. The vessel is divided into 1.1 l and 0.4 l containers for ionized alkaline and acidic water.
    • One device - TWO DIFFERENT WATERS with different benefits. You can make ionized alkaline water and ionized acid water.

     Capacity - 1,5 litres

    Made in Lithuania!

    Certified and patented. 24 months warranty.




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