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    Acidic Water

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    Acidic Water

    Ionized acidic water, obtained through the process of electrolysis, differs in many aspects from alkaline water. Ionized acidic water has a low pH (less than 7). The ORP values of acidic water are positive (0… + 1100 mV), which indicates the lack of electrons. This means that the fluid has oxidative qualities due to its electron insufficiency and can snatch away electrons. Acidic water takes the missing electrons away from microbes and bacteria, therefore, destroying them.

    Microorganisms can not live and reproduce in such an acidic environment, so it is advisable to use ionized acidic water externally for disinfection. Unlike chemical disinfectants, it is completely natural and does not cause allergies or irritate the skin.

    Acidic water obtained by electrolysis holds an authorization certificate for a biocidal product issued by the Vilnius Public Health Center.