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    About us

    The company Burbuliukas ir Co UAB, established in 1995, now owns two brands - aQuator and Fresh Post. The two brands represent different activities and send the message of living a healthier and more sustainable life.

    Water ionisers “aQuator”

     "aQuator" brand identifies water ionizers that turn regular tap water into ionized through electrolysis. Such water acquires and retains completely different chemical and physical properties for some time, which lead to different use of alkaline and acidic water.

    The first water ionizer, the “aQuator mini”, was developed 30 years ago and is still popular on the market today. Of course, it has been improved to meet customer expectations and new technologies over the years. A new, more capacious aQuator water ioniser was developed and launched in 2010. It found a place in the homes of larger families very quickly.

    Combining many years of experience in the production of water ionisers, state-of-the-art technology, and materials in 2021, the company launched a new modern model, the aQuator Vivo, which surpasses previous water ionisers due to its intelligence, ergonomic design, and comfort.

    We are the only ones on the world market to manufacture ionisers, which can also produce silvered water. This function provides added value to our customers.

    A team of professional engineers and innovators for your business

    Water ionisers are a great example of what our team can create. We are a manufacturer of electrical appliances, we have a team of ambitious and professional engineers and innovators, so we can produce the electrical appliances by individual order.

    We find out the needs and expectations of our customers and consistently carry out projects from the initial product idea up to launching the market.

    Reliable long-term partnerships

    The company exports most of its products to other European countries. Choosing the right partners is one of the most responsible moments in the company's activities. The success of our company also depends on the success of our partners.

    We are happy to have harmonious long-term partnerships in various European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Lithuania. We are always open to new markets and partnerships.

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    Our Team


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    Paulius Galvanauskas

    Electronics engineer

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