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    Silvered Water

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    Silvered Water: A Natural Antibiotic

    Silver is a trace element necessary for the body's normal functioning, and it has been widely known for its therapeutic and antibacterial qualities since ancient times. To saturate the water with the silver at home conditions, people kept it in silver vessels, put silver tools and coins in it, and used such water to prevent diseases and disinfection. However, silverware and other tools are not made of pure silver but alloys, and this means that other harmful metal impurities can also enter the water along with silver.

    Primitive methods of obtaining silver water have been replaced by a new, efficient and safe way. Water ioniser saturates an exact number of silver ions from a 99,99 percent silver nugget into the water during the process of electrolysis.

    Silvered water is water enriched with positive silver ions, giving it distinct antibacterial properties. Silver ions move towards bacterial cell walls and, being smaller, find their way inside with ease. Once inside, they disrupt the synthesis of bacterial enzymes and proteins, killing the entire microorganism. Silvered water has the exclusive ability to inhibit viruses and funguses, and bacteria. Scientists have not identified any bacterial adaptation to the antimicrobial action of silver, unlike the commonly used antibiotics.

    Thus, silver ions act as a secondary immunity and protect the body while maintaining well-being.

    How do silver ions affect microbes?


    Bacteria against silver ions

          Bacteria against silver ions                                                Bacteria exposed to silver ions

    Bacteria versus silver ions: