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    Air Ionization

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    Air Ionization

    Do you wonder why we feel so great in the woods, by the sea, or in the mountains? In nature, the air is saturated with negative oxygen aeroions that serve as “air vitamins.” These aeroions are lacking in our apartments, offices, and hospital wards.

    The human lungs filter approximately 12 cubic meters of air every day. The body's metabolism depends on the amount of negative oxygen aeroions in the inhaled air. Negative oxygen aeroions transfer their charge to erythrocytes, and the latter supply oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. When the negative load of erythrocytes decreases (when there is a lack of negative oxygen aeroions in the inhaled air), the metabolism is disturbed, and the cellular structures become thickened and stratified, i.e., conditions are created for various diseases.

    The recommended air ionizer disinfects the indoor air and cleans it from dust, various allergens, fungi, pollen, pet hair, and tobacco smoke. It reduces the effects of radioactive radon decay products (this is relevant in basements and lower floors of buildings) and enriches the air with negative oxygen aeroions. The air becomes fresh and clean, as it would be after the rain. There is a feeling of lightness, and fatigue and drowsiness disappear. Erythrocytes can supply the body's cells with negative oxygen ions and normalize metabolism.

    Clinical research has found that the prophylactic effect of ionic air is conducive to strengthening the immune system and facilitates the treatment of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic diseases, sinusitis, laryngitis, hypertension, pneumonia, migraines, and insomnia, among others.

    An air ionizer is compact, efficient, and of an attractive design. The essential function of the device is to purify the air and enrich it with negative oxygen aeroions. Approximately 1.5 liters of air pass through the device every second. The air flows through the ionization unit, where air-polluting particles acquire a negative charge and settle on the positive plates of the electronic filter. Air molecules ionize, and negative oxygen aeroions are formed. During ionization, the air is disinfected with the formed ozone and also acquires bactericidal properties. This is just the kind of air necessary for our health - low in ozone and enriched with negative oxygen aeroions.