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    Water ionizer / aQuator Vivo with mineralisation
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    aQuator Vivo with mineralisation

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    The latest model of the water ioniser with a silvering function and an additional mineralisation cartridge.

    We have combined nearly 30 years of experience, cutting-edge technology and materials to launch the aQuator Vivo, a new model of water ioniser that outperforms its predecessors in design and compatibility. In addition, the additional silver water and mineralisation functions extend the use and benefits of the device.

    We offer 4 types of cartridges, which are individually selected by the customer.

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    • With the new MINERALISATION CASSETTEto complement the benefits of the ioniser. Depending on the mineralisation cartridge chosen, the water can be enriched with different mineral salts (e.g. calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.). Minerals are important for our health. Each of them has a specific function in the body, contributes to the smooth functioning of all organs and directly determines our well-being.
    • SMART. Color LCD screen with convenient control.
    • MODERN. It is illustrated and easily accessible with the most popular and favorite customer features.
    • CONVENIENT. Easily select the desired pH level. The ability to set your favorite pH.
    • COMPACT. The lid opens upwards, taking up much less space on the countertop than in previous models.
    • CAPACIOUS. The overall capacity of the device is 3 liters, so it is convenient to use for a larger family and team. The vessel is divided into 2.3 l and 0.7 l containers for ionized alkaline and acid water.
    • One device - THREE DIFFERENT WATERS with different benefits. You can make ionized alkaline water, ionized acid water, and silvered water.

     Overall capacity – 3 l.

    Made in Lithuania!

    Certified and patented. 24 months warranty.

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    Without cartridge, Fatigue reduction, Beauty care, Immune system boosting, Mineralisation


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