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    When Viruses Attack

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    When Viruses Attack

    It's no secret that viral infections start with the fall. This year, they hit much earlier than usual. Instead of enjoying the colorful nature, we remain imprisoned at home surrounded by handkerchiefs and viruses. And again, we have to call for help from the doctor, spend money on medicines, and count pennies at the end of the month to make ends meet. What are the main causes of the sudden spread of diseases?

    Vacation aftermath - an illness

    Loreta Karsokiene, a pulmonologist, says that one of the factors contributing to the illness is the massive return to workplaces and educational institutions after a break. "One patient is enough and the virus can spread. I notice that this usually happens after vacations and holidays. Especially if the weather is unfavorable." - L. Karsokiene shares her remarks.

    Not only children but adults are affected by the spread of the virus as well. According to the pulmonologist, the main causes of illness are large gatherings and frequent presence indoors. Humid, cold weather is especially conducive to colds: " It is easier to get infected from each other when more viruses circulate." - explains the specialist. "People close the windows as they want it to be warmer, have less ventilation, and at the same time maintain a poor microclimate, which increases the risk of disease."

    Non-ventilated rooms

    If you are in a room with a sick person for a long time, it is almost impossible to avoid the virus. However, to protect against the disease, both the patient and those around him must adhere to impeccable hygiene, washing their hands with soap as often as possible. "The virus is usually spread by airborne transmission: sneezing, coughing, nasal cleansing. If the hands are not washed properly, and objects are touched while walking, such as tables, handles, switches - the virus is transmitted to others. However, all hygiene can be gone in vain if air ventilation is lacking, as viruses will spread through the room."

    According to the doctor, the amount of time spent with a sick person is crucial. "It depends a lot on how much time a sick person has spent in a room. The less time spent- the fewer viruses are left. If the room is well ventilated after leaving it or if the air is cleaned with special equipment, the chances of getting sick are lower” says the pulmonologist talking about the dangers.

    According to Karsokiene, the body experiencing cold, also experiences stress. This means its immunity becomes weaker, and then viral infections get to you faster. "So, if you're cold and someone around you is sneezing and coughing, you'll get sick faster than someone who's safe and warmly dressed." - the doctor concludes.

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