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    5 Types of Ionized Water and Their Usage

    Water ionizer / 5 Types of Ionized Water and Their Usage

    High alkalinity (pH >9.5)

    Cooking, tea, coffee, fruit cocktails

    Before and after consuming alcohol

    Rinsing your mouth when brushing your teeth

    Removing grease from surfaces and grease stains from textiles

    Alkaline (pH 7.5-9.5)

    Daily consumption (gradually increasing the pH after starting)


    Hair, and hair loss prevention

    Removing pesticide residue from fruit and vegetables (15 min. soak)

    Washing raw meat and fish (15 min. soak)

    Watering house plants and stimulating flowering

    Prolonging the life of cut flowers

    Neutral (pH 7)

    Regular tap water

    Low acidity (pH 4.5-6.5)


    High acidity (pH <4.5)

    Disinfecting fruit and vegetables

    Prolonging the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables

    Sterilising dishes, jars and other types of containers

    Disinfecting interior spaces and surfaces

    Removing unpleasant foot odours (socks and footwear can be disinfected additionally)

    Treating cracked heel skin, removing dead skin from the soles and toes

    Terminating aphids and other small pests

    Cleaning sensitive body parts and infected skin, preventing skin infections

    Preventing colds and sore throats (rinsing)

    Mouth rinsing for the purpose of disinfection, treating bleeding gums, tartar

    As a preventive measure for fungal infections

    As a preventive measure against rashes and acne

    As a preventive measure for bedsores

    Bleaching laundry