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    Doctor Aleksandras Vaitoska

    Water ionizer / Doctor Aleksandras Vaitoska

    Aleksandras Vaitoska, a long-term doctor living in the Kupiskis district, is an actual walking encyclopedia who is happy to share his experience of a healthy lifestyle, various health measures, and procedures. The youthful and energetic man surprises by saying that he will soon be 72 years old.

    My health has declined

    A. Vaitoška, who lives in Kupiškis district, is a third-generation doctor. His maternal grandfather worked as a paramedic in the Tsarist Russian army during World War I. Vaitoška's father is a doctor of internal medicine, gynaecologist and surgeon. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Vaitoška graduated from the then Kaunas Medical Institute and became a surgeon and a doctor of internal medicine.

    Ironically, after a lifetime of caring for other people's health, less than a decade ago Vaitoshka himself became a total patient. "I couldn't walk across the room anymore - I was tired. My whole body was numb, I was coughing all the time, my joints ached, I broke out in a cold sweat, even though it was 30 degrees in the yard. What's more, the cardiologists found that his heart valves were damaged and he was having terrible heart murmurs," recalls the verdict of his fellow doctors.

    After searching for information about his ailments, Vaitoška began to suspect that his body might be infected with mould, i.e. he had systemic mycosis. "Mould is insidious. It does not overcome a strong, healthy body, but when immunity is weakened, it attacks actively. Joint pains, heart damage - these are the complications caused by mould," the Kupiškis resident is convinced. He admits that he was really weak before these diseases struck, and that he had to go through a great deal of suffering because of the loss of people close to him.


    Increasingly convinced that he was suffering from systemic mycosis, Vaitoška started taking strong antifungal drugs. He began to feel better, the drugs were killing the fungus, but were damaging his liver and kidneys.

    Ionised water instead of medicines

    According to Vaitoška, it was at that time that he came across a book by Telesfurs Laucevičius, "Ionised Water. Life without diseases". When he realised that ionised water could help him fight the mould that was poisoning his body, he immediately bought a water ioniser. This is a machine that produces alkaline and acidic water by electrolysis in a special container.

    "Ionised water is still often viewed with scepticism in Lithuania, but it is highly valued abroad. The health benefits of ionised water have been recognised by scientists in the United States, Germany and Japan. In the latter countries, there are even clinics that treat with ionised water alone," said the Kupiškė resident.

    Drinking alkaline water every day

    Alkaline water is Vaitoska's daily drink. It is not only pure, but is also used daily to make soup and tea.

    According to Vaitoshko, the great advantage of alkaline water is that it has half the surface tension coefficient of ordinary drinking water. As a result, ionised alkaline water is much more permeable, reaching every cell and providing it with oxygen. According to Mr Vaitoshko, alkaline water could be called the elixir of youth, as it has very strong antioxidant properties, neutralising free radicals, i.e. stopping the ageing process.

    Drinking alkaline water is recommended for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and dementia in old age - the literature shows that the development of these diseases is slowed down several times.

    According to Vaitoska, people who play sports should also be interested in alkaline water. Drinking it neutralises lactic acid (the burning muscle pain after heavy exercise disappears) and provides the body with oxygen and energy. The doctor says he has felt this effect himself - he can now stay under water without breathing for much longer than in his youth - almost one and a half minutes. In addition, sleepiness has disappeared, concentration is better and memory has improved.

    "Drinking alkaline water provides the brain with better oxygen and flushes out toxins," explains Kupiškės, explaining the positive changes in his mood.

    Extensive customisation possibilities

    According to Vaitoshko, people could be much healthier if they knew how to use ionised water.

    A Kupiškė resident noticed that rinsing his sore throat with dead water relieves the pain, and spraying it into his nose helps get rid of a runny nose faster. Acidic water can be a great help for psoriasis (scaly skin), nail and skin fungus. A. Vaitoška recommends using acid water compresses for pressure sores, disinfecting wounds that are difficult to heal and trophic ulcers.

    The doctor recommends rinsing your nose, throat and washing your hands with dead water when you get home - it's a great preventative measure against flu.

    Acidic (dead) water has also been useful to Vaitoška in solving his eye problems. "I was diagnosed with viral inflammation of the cornea. There is no cure for it, there are always exacerbations. So I started applying dead water compresses to my eyes, which turned out to be helpful," said the long-standing physician.

    Vaitoška stresses that acidic water cannot be drunk continuously, but is ideal for surface use.

     Surprising your course mates

    Every time he hears of people suffering a stroke, Vaitoška regrets that he missed the opportunity to prevent it. "Most strokes are caused by blocked blood vessels. Drinking alkaline water prevents red blood cells from sticking together, so blood vessels do not become blocked. Meanwhile, blood pressure medication only dilates the large blood vessels, but they continue to clog," the doctor believes.

    According to Vaitoshko, being healthy and feeling well requires a fundamental change in your mindset and lifestyle. Over the past few years, he has read mountains of literature on healthy living and non-traditional medicine. Not only has he read, but he has also put his knowledge into practice.

    "Clean thoughts, healthy diet and ionised water" is the doctor's main rule, which he has been following for the last few years.

    According to Vaitoshko, his health has changed beyond recognition in that time. "When I go to a meeting with my course mates, they are always amazed at my health and energy. When I compare my current state of health with my previous one, I realise that I have turned my biological clock back," says the long-standing doctor.

    The sceptics' doubts are removed when the Kupiškis man shows his passport, which contains a photo from several years ago. The sickly-looking man in the photo looks nothing like the energetic and youthful A. Vaitoškas.