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    Family Health

    Alkaline water

    The acid-alkaline balance is an important factor in the health of expectant mothers and their babies. Especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Did you know that acidification and dehydration of the body contribute significantly to morning sickness? Ionized alkaline water helps reduce nausea and other signs of toxicosis.

    Depleting minerals, especially calcium, and disturbed pH during pregnancy can lead to loss of teeth and fragile bone syndrome in women. Ionized water saturated with alkaline minerals balanced in optimal proportions will help compensate for mineral deficiencies during pregnancy and lactation.

    Having in mind our little ones, they should be accustomed to drinking alkaline water as soon as possible before they become accustomed to consuming soft drinks rich in sugar: carbonated lemonades, pasteurized fruit juices, and the like. Sweet soft drinks acidify the body and should be avoided.

    Acidic Water

    An important factor for people with young children, especially infants, is ecology of the living environment, as the family's health depends on it in many ways. Children are susceptible to various stimuli, so the air they breathe, the items they touch, and their clothes must be impeccably clean. As they crawl around the house, the little ones explore the environment with curiosity, taking everything on hand from the floor and putting it in their mouth. Even the most caring mother does not have time to see all the "hikes"… That is why all the surfaces of the house and the objects that the baby usually touches, say toys, must be perfectly clean. Synthetic cleaners are not suitable for home hygiene due to the harmful chemicals, so you should choose natural, ecological ones.

    Studies and many years of use have shown that that acidic water is a powerful antiseptic acting on many species of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. It can be used for disinfecting various surfaces at home, cleaning baby baths, disinfecting bottles, cutlery and pacifiers, as well as cleaning clothes and removing stains.

    If the baby is accidentally injured, acidic water will come to the rescue. Use it for scrapes or cuts by putting a wet cloth on it.This way, you will protect the wound against infection, reduce bleeding, and speed up healing. Acidic water relieves the signs of diaper dermatitis, soothes irritated skin, helps to overcome runny nose and sore throat, tooth and gum infection.

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