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    For Those Who Do Sports

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    Ionized Alkaline Water is Like "Natural Doping"

    A sufficient amount of water in the body is one of the most important factors determining good results and well-being in sports. While doing sports, we lose much more fluids and mineral salts than with low physical activity, so it is necessary to restore the lack of fluids in the body. Not only the amount of water is important, but its properties as well. Ionized alkaline water is vastly suitable for people doing sports, due to its unique properties that are acquired during electrolysis.

    A natural antioxidant for greater endurance

    Ionized alkaline water is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants are immensely important for the body in sports, as well as in any other activity. They strengthen the immune system, inhibit cellular DNA damage, and activate the body's vital processes. This is important in sports because it allows you to withstand higher loads and thus achieve better results. Heavy exercise, physical and emotional exhaustion, and fatigue promote oxidative stress (in other words, faster body exhaustion). Scientists have proven that antioxidants, the most famous of which are vitamin C, E, and selenium, are natural helpers in combating these problems. Antioxidants also promote the production of enzymes. Enzymes are especially important for weight regulation, digestion, food absorption, maintenance of hormone levels, and beauty - healthy nails, hair, skin. Thus, the antioxidant properties of ionized alkaline water reduce the oxidative stress caused by heavy exercise, increase endurance, and allow you to intensify your workouts.

    Neutralization of forming acids

    The pH of ionized alkaline water is higher than that of regular water, which reduces the chance of lactic acid forming in the muscles during exercise. During intense exercising, lactic acid is not produced. When the cells start to lack oxygen during a heavy workout, the muscle produces lactic acid. As a result, pain is often felt after the workout. As alkalis destroy acid, drinking a lot of ionized alkaline water reduces the pain: the blood is replenished with extra alkaline substances, giving them to the muscles.

    The molecular structure of ionized alkaline water is significant. Smaller molecular compounds dilute the blood. As the blood is more fluid, it makes it easier to carry oxygen where it is needed. The more oxygen there is, the less likely lactic acid will form (this is when the cells begin to run out of oxygen). Without oxygen, anaerobic phenomena occur, making it harder to work, you get tired, and the muscles start to hurt faster. Also, due to the smaller molecular formations, ionized alkaline water is more efficient: it is absorbed faster, penetrates tissues easier, removes toxins accumulated in the body, and helps to control weight.

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